Monthly Archives: November 2014

University College Dublin’s Distinguished Lecture Series

Margaret Connolly was invited to University College Dublin on 8 October 2014 as part of their Distinguished Lecture series. Her lecture, entitled: ‘Read, Mark, Learn: How a Tudor Gentleman used his Medieval Books’, explored the longevity of medieval texts beyond their own era and the challenge of interpreting marks of readerly engagement. The particular focus was on two fifteenth-century manuscripts, one an anthology of Middle English religious texts and the other a collection of medical recipes; both volumes were owned […]

Christian Livermore Talks about ‘The Walking Dead’ for BBC Radio Scotland

Christian is currently working on a thesis in the School of English exploring the medieval legend ‘The Three Living and the Three Dead’. She was recently interviewed for a BBC Radio Scotland programme called ‘The Walking Dead’, which examines Scottish belief in revenants. Writer A.L. Kennedy is the presenter for the half-hour documentary feature, which examines belief in revenants from the Middle Ages through the Reformation. Christian’s portion of the programme was recorded at Melrose Abbey, home to a number […]