Monthly Archives: April 2015

Justine Firnhaber-Baker Reports on Mediaeval Revolts Conference

On 17 and 18 April, Justine Firnhaber-Baker held a conference entitled ‘The Age of Revolt: Comparative Perspectives’. Seventeen scholars from Spain, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, Belgium, and the Netherlands came together in St Andrews to discuss revolts, rebellion, and resistance in medieval western Europe. After an introduction by Justine Firnhaber-Baker, Chris Wickham (Oxford) gave a paper entitled ‘Looking Forward’ about peasant revolts from 600-1200, showing that in this early period rural revolts did occur, usually in protest […]

Professor Robin Fleming Presents at SAIMS Seminar, Visit Supported by Dr Lucilla Butler

Professor Robin Fleming of Boston College presented a paper at the final Mediaeval Studies seminar entitled ‘Women, Children, Migration and Material Culture in Fifth and Early Sixth-Century Lowland Britain’. Her paper examined archaeological findings from the burials of women and girls in early mediaeval lowland Britain. It has generally been assumed that women of this time dressed according to the dictations of their societies and that migration accounts for variations in dress. Using cultural remains and scientific analysis, Robin challenged […]