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SAIMS is keen to support the dissemination of advanced interdisciplinary research through conferences organised by its student and staff members. The budget is limited, but the Steering Group will consider applications for:

(a) organisational assistance (including advertising on our website)
(b) booking of rooms and use of St John’s House as a venue
(c) financial assistance, budget permitting

Level of award: No awards will be for more than £1000.

Closing dates: Applications will be considered on a rolling basis, subject to budget constraints.
Applications must include:

(a) an outline of the academic purpose and content of the conference
(b) a list of speakers
(c) a detailed budget

Only interdisciplinary conferences will be considered. All applicants should also apply for external funding wherever possible. The Steering Group is happy to offer advice on this if needed.

Contact: Mrs Audrey Wishart, saimsmail@st-andrews.ac.uk tel. 01334 463332