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Agnès Bos (St Andrews) Reconsidering Medieval Furniture: New Research, New Perspectives

Denis Renevey, Christiana Whitehead and Hazel Blair (University of Lausanne) Geographies of Northern English Sanctity in the Later Middle Ages

Chris Dyer (Professor Emeritus – University of Leicester) Peasants on the Move: Migration in Rural England, 1200-1500 (SAIMS Seminar 2018) [Related documents and handouts]

Amanda Phillips (Virginia) The Silk of Bayezid I at the Studenica Monastery (SAIMS Seminar 2018)

Margaret Connolly and Rachel Hart: Book production and circulation in late medieval Scotland: Robert Ewyn and the St Andrews manuscript of Regiam Maiestatem. (SAIMS Seminar 2018)

Steven Vanderputten (Ghent), ‘The Dignity of Our Bodies and the Salvation of Our Souls. Scandal, Purity, and the Pursuit of Unity in Late Tenth-Century Monasticism’ (SAIMS Seminar 2018).

Elizabeth Tyler (York), ‘England in Europe: The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in the Mid-Eleventh Century’ (SAIMS Seminar 2018).

Erik Niblaeus (Durham), ‘Mission, Liturgy, and Books in the Christianization of Scandinavia’ (SAIMS Seminar 2017).

Justine Firnhaber-Baker (St Andrews), ‘The Monks and the Masses: Peasant (non)Politics in Northern France before the Black Death’ (SAIMS Seminar 2017).

Rebecca Stephenson (UCD), ‘The End of the World? or just a Viking Invasion? Situating Byrhtferth’s Scientific Writing within Contemporary Events’ (SAIMS Seminar 2017).

Kirsty Day (Edinburgh), ‘Franciscan Women as Architects of the ‘Heavenly Courts’ in Bohemia and the Polish Duchies c.1234-1320’ (SAIMS Seminar 2017).

David Wallace, ‘A View from St Andrews: The Council of Constance, 1414-1418’ (SAIMS Lecture 2016).

R. I. Moore (Newcastle), ‘The Eleventh Century in World History’ (SAIMS Lecture 2014).