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Steven Vanderputten (Ghent), ‘The Dignity of Our Bodies and the Salvation of Our Souls. Scandal, Purity, and the Pursuit of Unity in Late Tenth-Century Monasticism’ (SAIMS Seminar 2018).

Elizabeth Tyler (York), ‘England in Europe: The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in the Mid-Eleventh Century’ (SAIMS Seminar 2018).

Erik Niblaeus (Durham), ‘Mission, Liturgy, and Books in the Christianization of Scandinavia’ (SAIMS Seminar 2017).

Justine Firnhaber-Baker (St Andrews), ‘The Monks and the Masses: Peasant (non)Politics in Northern France before the Black Death’ (SAIMS Seminar 2017).

Rebecca Stephenson (UCD), ‘The End of the World? or just a Viking Invasion? Situating Byrhtferth’s Scientific Writing within Contemporary Events’ (SAIMS Seminar 2017).

Kirsty Day (Edinburgh), ‘Franciscan Women as Architects of the ‘Heavenly Courts’ in Bohemia and the Polish Duchies c.1234-1320’ (SAIMS Seminar 2017).

David Wallace, ‘A View from St Andrews: The Council of Constance, 1414-1418’ (SAIMS Lecture 2016).

R. I. Moore (Newcastle), ‘The Eleventh Century in World History’ (SAIMS Lecture 2014).