Current PhD Students

Alastair Ayton
“Politics, Policy and Power:  The Marcher Lords in England and Wales, 1245-1274”

Caroline Belanger
“The Evolution of the Solinian Tradition in Geographical Thought”

Ethan Birney
East Anglian Monasteries in Stephen’s Reign

Arran Calvert
“An exploration into the building, development, and continuation of the environment of Durham Cathedral”

Ioana Coman
Liquid vision: Seeing blood & torture in late medieval crucifixions

Christopher Eddington
Genealogy, Divine Sovereignty and universal Christian history in Anglo-Saxon Literature

Amy Eberlin
“Flemings in Scotland: An Analysis of Flemish-Scottish Relations in the Fifteenth Century”

Julia Faiers
‘Power, prestige and piety:ecclesiastical patronage of the d’Amboise family in fifteenth-century Languedoc

Morvern French
Flemish material culture in medieval Scotland

Caitlin Flynn
‘Grotesque in Late Medieval Scottish and English Literature’

John Gallagher
Old Testament Exegesis in Anglo-Latin and Old English Writings

Sarah Greer
‘Holy Queens and Pious Ladies: the political patronage of religious institutions by elite women c. 750-1000’

Valentina Grub
“Opus Anglicanum: Conflict and Conflict Resolution through Secular Images in Embroidered Ecclesiastic Works”

Jan Hagedorn
“Domestic Slavery in the Middle East during the Islamic Middle Period”

Lydia Hayes
“Looking Beyond Guinevere: The Similar Depictions of Women in Theological Texts, the Cult of Saints, and Chrétien de Troyes’ Arthurian Romances”

Joshua Hey
‘Political Oaths in England’

Cory Hitt
‘Law & honour in medieval Iceland and France’

Jiazhu Hu
Voices of Medieval English Towns 1300-1500

Hallvard Indgjerd
‘Settlement and contact on Late Roman and Byzantine Naxos’

Ingrid Ivarsen
“Linguistic form and legal function of early medieval laws”

Gillian Jack
The Experience of Converted Prostitutes in the Monastero di Santa Elisabetta delle Convertite in Late Renaissance Florence

Maria Merino Jaso
Latin poetry from the court of Charlemagne

Rory MacLellan
Patronage of the Knights Hospitaller in the British Isles, c.1300-1400

Lizzie Marshall
“The Wolf in the Story”: Wolves as violent monsters and speaking humans in Old English Literature

Vittorio Mattioli
Performing Grímnismál: Knowledge of the world of the gods

Agnieszka Mikolajczyk
“Negotiating pasts and power in medieval Iceland: The dynamics of cultural memory and royal ideology in sagas and laws”

Frances Murray
‘Weeping Kings: masculinity and power in Early Middle Ages’

Timothy Owens
Philippe de Mézières and Crusading in the Fourteenth Century

Stephanie Pambakian
Anania Širakac‘i and Scientific Knowledge in Late Antique Armenia

Anna Peterson
Sick Soul, Sick Body: Fourth Latern Council and hospitals in 13th century Narbonne and Siena

Philip Riding
The Role of the Household in the Syrian Political Landscape 1150-1260

Anne Rutten
Textual Communication in the Reigns of Robert II and Robert III of Scotland, 1371-1406

Emily Savage
‘Rebuking the ‘Rules of the Centre’: Marginality, Viewership, and the Experience of Images in Late Medieval England’

Lizzie Swarbrick
“The Medieval Art and Architecture of Scottish Collegiate Churches”

Zoe Sutherland
‘Self-given law: individualism as an ethics of interpretation in Ben Jonson’,

Kathryn Tidd
“The transmission of Latin and vernacular ad status sermons in the early thirteenth century”.

Miui Watanabe
“Otherness, Monstrosity and National Identity in Middle English Romance”

Steven Watts
‘From the University to the Convent: Perceptions of Female Religious Life in the Letters of Master Jordan of Saxony’

Perin Westerhof Nyman
“Cotes of Arms: Heraldic Dress and Interpersonal Connections in Late-Medieval Scotland”

Sarah White
“Process and procedure in the thirteenth-century Court of Canterbury”

Enrico Veneziani
Honorius II (Pope) and His Ecclesiology