Research Associates


Name Email Dept Research Interests
Professor Michael Alexander mja4 English English poetry, medieval and modern; literary history; translation; the medieval revival.
Professor Robert Bartlett FBA  rjb1  History  England, 1066-1300; cult of the saints; frontiers.
Dr Paul Bibire email History Old Norse
Dr David Corner dc14 History Medieval European Historiography and Hagiography, English Medieval Law, Western European Twelfth-Century Intellectual History.
Dr Barbara Crawford OBE bec The Strathmartine Centre The history and archaeology of the Scandinavian settlements in Scotland, and historical contacts across the North Sea in the Middle Ages. The cult of St.Clement in North Europe, the ‘papar’ project, the site of the Norwegian royal farm on Papa Stour, Shetland.
Dr Tom Duncan tgd English Old and Middle English language and literature, and Chaucer.
Professor Richard Fawcett rf41 Art History Medieval architecture, ecclesiastical and secular; Scottish medieval architecture and culture; restoration and historiography of medieval buildings, chiefly Scottish.
Dr Kirsten Fenton kaf21 History The Anglo-Norman world; historical writing; national identity; gender; marriage; power.
Professor Chris Given-Wilson cjg2 History Late mediaeval England and France, historical writing, political institutions.
Dr Julie Kerr History Medieval monasticism; hospitality and etiquette in the Middle Ages.
Dr Ann Kettle ajk History Fifteenth-century England
H. P. King email History Cistercian studies, library catalogues (George Hay Forbes library in the University Library)
Professor Paul Magdalino FBA pm8 History The society, culture and economy of the Byzantine world, 6th to 13th centuries. Special interests at present are the city of Constantinople, prophecy, scientific thought, and the formation of Byzantine religious  Orthodoxy.
Dr Peter Maxwell-Stuart pgm1 History Latin language
Dr Norman Reid  Special Collections  Manuscript and archival studies; practical palaeography; 13th & 14th century Scotland – political history, kingship, national identity, historiography
Dr Clive Sneddon French Medieval vernacular translation (esp. Biblical) as a cultural and linguistic phenomenon, the medieval book, text editing, the emergence of vernaculars and vernacular literacy, medieval French language.
Dr Mark Thakkar Philosophy Late medieval intellectual history, medieval Latin; textual editing
Lorna Walker lemw History The eleventh and twelfth centuries, with special reference to the Normans and Angevins; saints’ cults, religious patronage and monasticism; Romanesque art and architecture; iconography.