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Professor Bettina Bildhauer (bmeb)

Medieval German literature; medievalism


Teaching Staff

Name   Email Dept Expertise
Professor Frances Andrews  fea History Mediaeval Italy, the northern communes, the city of Rome, Italian chronicles; mediaeval religion, the church and papacy, religious orders, heresy.
Dr Michael Brown mhb History Scotland (1250-1500); politics and political society in late Medieval Scotland, Ireland and Wales; kingship, aristocracies and Identities
Professor Brendan Cassidy bfc1 Art History Art and history of Italy 1200-1500; medieval iconography.
Dr Margaret Connolly mc29 English Middle English literature, especially prose writing (including medical and utilitarian texts), devotional writing, later medieval manuscript studies, and book history; translation and later reception of medieval texts, editorial work on Middle English texts.
Dr Rory Cox rwscc History Late medieval political thought, particularly the history of just war doctrine. Late medieval military history of British Isles and France.
Dr Alex Davis ald3 English Representations of the medieval in Renaissance literature; historiography of the Middle Ages in relation to the Renaissance and modern period.
Dr Ana del Campo adcg History Late medieval Christian religion, especially in Spain; historiography.
Dr Mark Elliott
on leave 2016-2017
mwe1 Divinity Medieval Judeo-Christian biblical interpretation, the influence of Augustine, the theology of Thomas Aquinas, medieval Christology, holiness, ethics and forms of spirituality.

Dr Justine Firnhaber-Baker

on leave semester 2

jmfb History Late medieval France; law, violence and power; revolts and rebellions; manuscripts and archives; women and gender.
Dr Tim Greenwood twg3 History Mediaeval Armenia (600-1100) including engagement with Byzantium, Sasanian Persia and the Islamic world; historical writing; Armenian inscriptions.
Dr Rachel Hart rmh Special Collections Manuscript and archival studies; practical palaeography.
Professor John Hudson jghh History Mediaeval England from the ninth to the thirteenth centuries.  Legal history.  Mediaeval historical writing.  Late nineteenth-century study of the middle ages.
Dr William Hyland wph3 Divinity Medieval and early modern monasticism; spirituality; church reform; canons regular, in particular the Premonstratensians.

Dr Ian Johnson

on leave semester 2

irj English Latin and vernacular literary theory; translation; Boethius in English; gender and authority; devotional works; orthodoxy and dissent in English textual culture; Middle English Lives of Christ.
Dr Chris Jones csj2 English Old English Poetry and Poetics, translation of Old English, Medi(a)evalism, the reception and idea of the Middle Ages in post-medi(a)eval literature.
Dr Dimitris Kastritsis dk19 History Early and classical Ottoman history, as well as the political and cultural history of Asia Minor and the Balkans 11th-16th centuries.
Dr Julian Luxford jml5 Art History Later medieval Britain, France and the Netherlands; architecture and the visual arts, history, texts; monastic orders (especially Benedictine and Carthusian); sepulchral monuments, retrospection.
Dr Simon MacLean sm89 History Early medieval Europe, especially the Carolingian Empire and post-Carolingian France, Germany, Italy (and everything in between); continental – British Isles contacts; historical writing; kingship and queenship; the Vikings.
Dr Christine McGladdery cam34 History Mediaeval Scotland, Anglo-Scottish and European diplomacy, Stewart kingship, crown-magnate relations, late mediaeval Scottish church and parliament, late medieval Scottish chronicles, castles and fortifications.
Dr Emily Michelson edm21 History History of religion and devotion in late medieval and early modern Italy; culture of Renaissance Italy.
Dr James Palmer jtp21 History Early mediaeval culture, especially in the Carolingian and Anglo-Saxon worlds; time and apocalypse; mediaeval hagiography and the cult of saints
Dr Andrew Peacock acsp History Islamic history of Iran, Anatolia, the Caucasus and Central Asia, c. 900-1600; Arabic and Persian historiography; Islamic epigraphy and manuscripts. Other research interests include Indian Ocean and Ottoman history.
Dr Rhiannon Purdie rp6 English Vernacular literary culture in late medieval England and Scotland: textual editing; Middle English and Anglo-Norman romance; Older Scots poetry; regionalism in medieval literature.
Dr Christine Rauer cr30 English Old English literature (esp. hagiography), insular Latin literature, Old Norse literature, the literary history of Anglo-Saxon England.
Dr Stephen Read slr Philosophy Fourteenth century philosophy of logic and language: insolubles, consequences, supposition theory.
Dr Claudia Rossignoli cr41 Italian Early Italian literature, especially Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio; Humanism and Renaissance literary theory, including Dante commentaries.
Dr Kathryn Rudy kmr7 Art History Netherlandish and German manuscripts; rubrics, prayer, images and indulgences; Medieval pilgrimage, claudistics, image rights, and digitisation; how Medieval users handled their manuscripts; measuring grime in margins with a densitometer.
Dr Katie Stevenson kcs7 History Late medieval and early renaissance Britain; chivalric culture; court culture; Stewart kings of Scotland; European orders of chivalry; heraldic officers of arms.

Dr Angus Stewart

on leave semester 2

ads History Diplomatic, military and cultural interaction in the eastern Mediterranean in the age of the Crusades (c. 1000-1350); especially the early Mamluk Sultanate and its neighbours.
Dr Rebecca Sweetman
on leave 2016-2018
rs43 Classics Art and Architecture of Early Mediaeval Greece, Globalization and Christianization, Nature of Knossos and Crete Early Mediaeval period. Fieldwork on Late Antique Sparta and the Peloponnese, especially on church architecture.
Dr Victoria Turner vct2 French Old French and Occitan literature; medieval difference, otherness and identity (esp. concerning race and gender); the medieval Mediterranean; theoretical approaches to literature; translation; travel, space and geographies.
Dr Mark Thakkar mnat Philosophy Late medieval intellectual history (esp. philosophy); medieval Latin (esp. British); textual editing.
Dr Robert Wilson rpw Italian Mediaeval Italian literature, in particular: Dante Alighieri; Early Commentaries on the Divine Comedy; Classical literature and ideas in Dante.
Dr Alex Woolf
on leave semester 2
aw40 History Early Insular History, kingship, ethnicity and language, medieval Scandinavian historiography.