Rory Cox on ISIS, Just War, and Star Wars

Last month, Dr Rory Cox published an article entitled, ‘The Military Response to ISIS: A Historical Perspective’, on History Today’s website. Parliament’s decision to approve military action in Syria prompted Rory to look at what the classical and medieval world had to say about just war. Rory explains, ‘To step outside of a long-term rory-cox-1-1038x576historical process is difficult. But attempting to view recent events within a broader historical context may provide a valuable strategic perspective and prevent myopic policy decisions.’ Check out the full article here.

He was interviewed by the TV presenter Dan Snow for his ‘History Hit’ iTunes podcast. The episode, which sought to answer the question ‘What is a “Just War”?’, is now available on iTunes and the show’s webpage.

On a lighter note, Rory was also consulted by the Guardian Guide to give his expert opinion on the qualifications necessary to become a Star Wars Stormtrooper.