Lectura Dantis Meeting 22 Paradiso 1-3

On the 8th of April, the twenty-second meeting of the LDA begins the final phase of the series with a day of lectures which start Dante’s Paradiso, again bringing leading Dante Scholars to St Andrews.  image1 (2)

Dante now begins the final part of his journey, and the third Cantica of his poem: Paradiso. With Beatrice as his guide Dante ascends through the heavens, meeting a range a virtuous souls as he makes his way towards the ultimate experience which is the vision of God.

Professor Robin Kirkpatrick (Cambridge), Dr Claudia Rossignoli (St Andrews) and Professor Emilio Pasquini (Bologna) will read and comment on Cantos I to III of the Paradiso.

The 1596 folio edition of the Commedia from the library’s Special Collections Division will be on display along with other Dante-related rare books.

As always, the Lectura Dantis Andreapolitana is open to all and entry is free.

Those unable to attend for the full day are very welcome to attend whichever lectures they can and the programme is organized to accommodate that.

The full programme and times are on the website.