Publication! Medieval St Andrews

Medieval St Andrews: Church, Cult, City edited by Michael Brown and Katie Stevenson has just been published by Boydell. It contains 15 essays including pieces by Julian Luxford, Bess Rhodes, Roger Mason, Richard Fawcett and Norman Reid all of St Andrews.

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St Andrews was of tremendous significance in medieval Scotland. Its importance remains readily apparent in the buildings which cluster the rocky promontory jutting out into the North Sea: the towers and walls of cathedral, castle and university provide reminders of the status and wealth of the city in the Middle Ages. As a centre of earthly and spiritual government, as the place of veneration for Scotland’s patron saint and as an ancient seat of learning, St Andrews was the ecclesiastical capital of Scotland.
This volume provides the first full study of this special and multi-faceted centre throughout its golden age. The fourteen chapters use St Andrews as a focus for the discussion of multiple aspects of medieval life in Scotland. They examine church, spirituality, urban society and learning in a specific context from the seventh to the sixteenth century, allowing for the consideration of St Andrews alongside other great religious and political centres of medieval Europe.

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