Lectura Dantis Andreapolitana 25th meeting – Friday 21 April 2017

Friday 21 April 2017, Parliament Hall, South Street, St Andrews

Dancing theologians; Franciscans and Dominicans; the wisdom of Solomon; a celestial light show; the heavens of the Sun and Mars: Paradiso cantos 11-14.

The twenty-fifth meeting of the LDA continues the series with a day of lectures on the next three cantos of Dante’sParadiso, again bringing leading Dante Scholars to St Andrews.

Dante’s journey continues through the heavens of the Sun and Mars, where he is told about the founders of the Franciscan and Dominican orders, and the decline of their followers in his time and Solomon’s wisdom as a ruler, which prefaces a warning against hasty judgements. The whirling circles of light in formed by the souls in the Heaven of the Sun are followed those of warriors in the heaven of Mars, formed in the shape of the cross.

Dr Paola Nasti (University of Reading), Dr Robert Wilson (University of St Andrews), Professor Eugenio Refini (Johns Hopkins University) and Professor Erminia Ardissino (Università degli studi di Torino) will read and comment on Cantos 11 to 14 of Paradiso.

As always, the Lectura Dantis Andreapolitana is open to all and entry is free.

Those unable to attend for the full day are very welcome to attend whichever lectures they can and the programme is organized to accommodate that.

The full programme and times are on the website.

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