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Publication: Dimitri Kastritsis’ An Early Ottoman History

Dimitri Kastritsis has published an exciting new work — a translation and commentary of the Oxford Anonymous Chronicle. The Oxford Anonymous Chronicle is a history of the Ottoman dynasty completed in 1484 in the vernacular Turkish, and is of especial interest to students of the medieval eastern Mediterranean.

Dimitri Kastritsis has completed a discussion of the book with Liverpool University Press which can 

The illustration on Kastritsis' book

be found here. Preoccupied with dynastic legitimacy, the Chronicle shares an aim with other fifteenth-century Ottoman histories. It also has a particular emphasis on dynastic succession in a particular decade, which Kastritsis outlines as a salient feature of the text.

Kastritsis’ new work has been published alongside other important works in the Translated Texts for Byzantinists series by the University of Liverpool. A flyer with a short summary and a table of contents can be found here.