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Medieval Studies Seminar, Semester 1, 2019
All seminars will take place in The Old Class Library, South Street at 5:15 pm unless otherwise indicated.

16/9/19 Felicity Hill (St Andrews) Denunciation, defamation and scandal: public excommunication in thirteenth-century England
23/9/19 Xavier Dectot (National Museum of Scotland)

Not that Unicorn: A Cross-Cultural Foray into Single-horned Animals


30/9/19 Dan Smail (Harvard; Bullough Fellow, St Andrews) The Borderlands of Slavery in Late Medieval Provence
7/10/19 Rolf Bremmer (Leiden) More than Language: Law and Textual Communities in Medieval Frisia

Stephanie Wynne-Jones (York)

1:15 PM

The Swahili world in the medieval globe: writing history with things

21/10/19 Independent Learning Week: NO SEMINAR 
28/10/19 Marie Legendre (Edinburgh) The Finances of the Caliphate: Abbasid Fiscal Practice in Islamic Late Antiquity
4/11/19 Carolyne Larrington (Oxford) The Case of Danger: Performance and Performativity in Medieval Literary Emotion?
11/11/19 Thomas Clancy (Glasgow) St Donnan of Eigg: Martyrdom, foundation, Cult and Folklore
18/11/19 Louise Gardiner (Edinburgh) The Royal Book
25/11/19 Clive Burgess (Royal Holloway London) Richard Whittington, ‘Thrice Mayor of London’: Setting a Pattern for Pious Enterprise in the early fifteenth-century City