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Programme for Martinmas Semester 2017
Meeting on Monday 5.15 pm in the Old Class Library, St John’s House, unless otherwise stated

18/9/17 Alex Woolf (St Andrews) Ethnicity and Ethnic Replacement in the Early Insular world
25/9/17 10 Years of SAIMS
2/10/17  Dr Kirsty Day (Edinburgh)  Franciscan women as architects of the ‘heavenly courts’ in Bohemia and the Polish duchies c.1234-1320
9/10/17 Janneke Raaijmakers (Utrecht)  ‘Material for thought: relic veneration in the earlier Middle Ages. Devotion, reflection and doubt’
16/10/17 Richard Gyug (Fordham, via Oxford) “Res per signa discuntur: Liturgy and Ritual in Medieval Chronicles.”
23/10/17 ILW
30/10/17 Justine Firnhaber-Baker (St Andrews) The Monks and the Masses: Peasant (non)Politics in Northern France before the Black Death
6/11/17 Janet Coleman Reflections on the Self Itself: in antiquity, the Middle Ages, and what happened next?
13/11/17 Anne Coldiron (St Andrews) Christine de Pizan’s Englished Works: Beyond Proto-feminism
20/11/17 Erik Niblaeus (Durham)  TBC
27/11/17 Dimitri Kastritsis (St Andrews) Bayezid I and the early Ottoman imperial project