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Current PhD Students

Daniel Armstrong
‘Anglo-Papal Relations, c.1066-c.1135’

Ryan Barnett
“War and Memory: Eyewitness and Contemporary Accounts of Fifteenth Century Warfare”

Ysaline Bourgine De Meder
“Lordship in Normandy 1400-1530”

Laura Castro Royo
The mythical bird Simurgh in the text and iconography of medieval Persia

Hiu Ki Chan
Chasity and Virginity in ca. 800-1000

Jessica Collett
“The Venerable Bede: Ecclesiastical Identity and Visions of a Church at War”

Marc Czarnuszewicz
Connecting the Plateau: Evolving socio-economic networks across the Central Iranian Deserts during the Early Seljuq period

David De Concilio
The development of legal texts in late twelfth-century England and Italy’

Meghan Dulsky
“Remembering the Dead on the Edge of Empire: Epitaphs and Social Change in Late Antique Italy (300-600 CE)”

Christopher Eddington
‘Early English genealogies: the evolution of their content, form, and function.’

Matthew Edholm
Intellectual Exchange and the Reception of Classical Literature in Early Medieval Fulda

Guy Fassler
‘Understanding Urban Spaces in Late Medieval Italian Communes’

April Game
Representations of trees in early medieval English art and poetry

Abigail Hartman
Charity during the Plague: The Cellites in the 14th-Century Rhineland

Cameron Houston
’The Works and Worlds of Folcuin of Saint-Bertin and Lobbes, c.960-990’

Devin Jacobsen
Greek and Latin Loan words in early Anglo-Saxon England

Holger Kaasik
Saints, Remembrance and Regional Contacts – A Multidisciplinary Approach to Italian Calendars, 1100–1500

Aron Kecskes
‘Norman Lordship in the eastern Campania, c. 1053-1127’

Charlotte Kennedy
‘The Nature of Horror in Middle English Romance’

Lili Scott Lintott
“The grief of the kings of England, 1066-1307”

Roberta Marangi
Women and Decapitation in Medieval English Literature

Irina Mattioli
The Horses of the Commune of Perugia – between sociology and ideology in the thirteenth century

Kate McGregor
Foreign policy and diplomacy during the personal rule of James V, King of Scots 1528-1542

Nathan Meades
The Capetians and their Cities: Ideals and Practices of Royal-Urban Interactions in Late Medieval France, c.1226-1328

Hailey Ogle
Politics and Space, Gender and Community: Emotional Discourses in 12th Century Chansons de Geste and Monastic Literature

Stephanie Pambakian
Anania Širakac‘i and Scientific Knowledge in Late Antique Armenia

Claudia Rosillo
Power, Politics, and War in Medieval Ireland and Scotland

Kim Thao Le
Suspicion in English criminal procedure (13th c.): the jurors’ use of a medieval rudimentary law of
evidence from traditional forms to communal knowledge.

Dana Weaver
Anglo-Saxon Art and Identity in the North Sea

Gert-Jan Van De Voorde
“Lordship in the seneschalsy of Toulouse, c. 1400-1530”