Current PhD Students

Daniel Armstrong
‘Politics, Law, and Ecclesiology in Anglo-Papal Relations, c.1066-c.1154’

Alastair Ayton
“Politics, Policy and Power:  The Marcher Lords in England and Wales, 1245-1274”

Caroline Belanger
“The Evolution of the Solinian Tradition in Geographical Thought”

Laura Bernardazzi
“The Perception of Combat Wounds: Late Medieval Attitudes and Concepts”

Ysaline Bourgine De Meder
“Lordship in Normandy 1400-1530”

Dominika Brzezinska
Living with the burden of illegitimacy in the societies of Medieval Europe

Laura Castro Royo
The mythical bird Simurgh in the text and iconography of medieval Persia

Hiu Ki Chan
Chasity and Virginity in ca. 800-1000

Christopher Eddington
Genealogy, Divine Sovereignty and universal Christian history in Anglo-Saxon Literature

Julia Faiers
‘Power, prestige and piety:ecclesiastical patronage of the d’Amboise family in fifteenth-century Languedoc

Guy Fassler
‘Understanding Urban Spaces in Late Medieval Italian Communes’

John Gallagher
Old Testament Exegesis in Anglo-Latin and Old English Writings

April Game
Representations of trees in early medieval English art and poetry

Valentina Grub
“Opus Anglicanum: Conflict and Conflict Resolution through Secular Images in Embroidered Ecclesiastic Works”

Jan Hagedorn
“Domestic Slavery in the Middle East during the Islamic Middle Period”

Abigail Hartman
Charity during the Plague: The Cellites in the 14th-Century Rhineland

Cameron Houston
Political Change and Ethnic Discourse: The Transformation of the Carolingian World in the Long Tenth Century, c. 840-1050

Jiazhu Hu
Voices of Medieval English Towns 1300-1500

Hallvard Indgjerd
‘Settlement and contact on Late Roman and Byzantine Naxos’

Ingrid Ivarsen
“Linguistic form and legal function of early medieval laws”

Maria Merino Jaso
Latin poetry from the court of Charlemagne

Devin Jacobsen
Greek and Latin Loan words in early Anglo-Saxon England

Holger Kaasik
Saints, Remembrance and Regional Contacts – A Multidisciplinary Approach to Italian Calendars, 1100–1500

Aron Kecskes
Violence and the development of Norman lordships in Southern Italy, ca. 1053-1127

Charlotte Kennedy
‘The Nature of Horror in Middle English Romance’

Roberta Marangi
Women and Decapitation in Medieval English Literature

Lizzie Marshall
“The Wolf in the Story”: Wolves as violent monsters and speaking humans in Old English Literature

Hailey Ogle
Politics and Space, Gender and Community: Emotional Discourses in 12th Century Chansons de Geste and Monastic Literature

Timothy Owens
Philippe de Mézières and Crusading in the Fourteenth Century

Stephanie Pambakian
Anania Širakac‘i and Scientific Knowledge in Late Antique Armenia

Philip Riding
The Role of the Household in the Syrian Political Landscape 1150-1260

Anne Rutten
Textual Communication in the Reigns of Robert II and Robert III of Scotland, 1371-1406

Zoe Sutherland
‘Self-given law: individualism as an ethics of interpretation in Ben Jonson’,

Miui Watanabe
“Otherness, Monstrosity and National Identity in Middle English Romance”

Dana Weaver
Anglo-Saxon Art and Identity in the North Sea

Perin Westerhof Nyman
“Cotes of Arms: Heraldic Dress and Interpersonal Connections in Late-Medieval Scotland”

Gert-Jan Van De Voorde
“Lordship in the seneschalsy of Toulouse, c. 1400-1530”