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In an academic world of increasing collaboration and intellectual exchange, scholars all over Europe and beyond are ever more frequently realizing that important research is emerging from outside their national academies. The Mediaeval Journal (TMJ) is the first journal to address the two most exciting and productive trends in current Mediaeval Studies: the turns towards multinational work and towards cross-disciplinarity.


Explore our work

The Monastic Matrix

Monastic Matrix is an ongoing collaborative effort that aims to collect and make available all existing data about Christian religious women in Europe between 400 and 1600 C.E.

The Middle English Texts Series

Middle English Texts publishes a broad range of texts, both poetry and prose, and includes religious texts, pastoralia, historical writing, legal texts, scientific and medical texts.


Study with us

MLitt in Medieval History

The MLitt in Medieval History allows students to study a variety of topics in depth from across the medieval worlds, from Central Asia to the Atlantic and from Iceland to Egypt. This broad-ranging programme is designed to cater for students of differing career ambitions, areas of specialisation and previous training.

MLitt in Medieval English

The MLitt in Medieval English is an intensive one-year taught programme run by the School of English. The course covers the medieval literature of England and Scotland from the Anglo-Saxon period to the early Renaissance.

MLitt in Medieval Studies

This interdisciplinary course equips students with the knowledge of different theoretical approaches and current debates in the fields of history, art history, divinity, languages and literature. Students can work on topics suited to their own interests while also expanding their horizons beyond a single discipline.

PHd In mEdieval Studies

The SAIMS also provides a unique, internationally-recognised research environment for medieval studies, with potential PhD supervisors from a range of disciplines. Typically, a PhD in Mediaeval Studies has supervisors from more than one school and will take part in SAIMS’s lively research environment, with its seminars, workshops and reading groups.


Meet our people

The St Andrews Institute of Medieval Studies is a lively interdisciplinary centre for research and teaching on all aspects of the Middle Ages. Find out more about our staff, visiting fellows, PhD students, and the exciting careers of former students.