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Candlemas Semester 2019 

All sessions on a Wednesday at 5.15 pm in the New Seminar Room, unless otherwise indicated.

January 30th: Laura Castro Royo – An approach to Persian illustrated manuscripts through the Book of Kings (1010)

February 6th: Áron Kecskés – A feudal state of mind? Lordship in the eleventh-century Val de Liri

February 13th: Abigail Hartman – Mors dolenda, mors plangenda: Death and the Afterlife of Simon de Montfort

February 20th: Jiazhu Hu – The 1316 Disputes between the Cinque Ports and Great Yarmouth: how to quarrel in petitionary language

February 27th: Laura Bernardazzi – Learning how to fight: interpreting fighting manuals

March 6th: Andrew Cecchinato, Will Eves, Attilio Stella, and Sarah White – Civil Law, Common Law, Customary Law

March 13th: Daniel Armstrong – The Norman Conquest of England, the Papacy, and the Papal Banner

April 3rd: Maria Merino Jaso – Riddles and Praise: a Letter to Charlemagne

April 10th: Ingrid Ivarsen – The Witan Clan

April 17th: Timothy Owens – Peter I of Cyprus and the decision to attack Alexandria in 1365