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The Richard III Society – Dinah Coyne Bursary

The Richard III Society – Dinah Coyne Bursary
for postgraduate study of late medieval art


Through a generous bequest of the late Mrs Dinah Coyne, the Richard III Society ( has made £30,000 available for a bursary fund to support postgraduate students in the study of medieval art from 1350 to 1500.

The Bursary is administered through the St Andrews Institute of Mediaeval Studies (SAIMS) and the School of Art History.

The Bursary is intended to support eligible students of outstanding promise. It will be awarded in sums not exceeding £10,000 (to students beginning a PhD, where no other funding, or only partial funding, has been obtained from another source) or up to £5000 (to PhD students who need financial help to finish a PhD after their funding has expired). The phasing of the payments will be discussed with successful applicants.

MPhil students may also be considered eligible for support if their work is of truly exceptional promise. In this case smaller sums may be judged appropriate by the St Andrews Institute of Mediaeval Studies and recommended accordingly.

The Bursary is intended to support research in the eligible areas, including fees, maintenance or other expenses that contribute to the successful completion of a recipient’s degree. It may not be used for other purposes, including research unrelated to the degree.

Application is by the attached form (below) and must be accompanied by a reference from the applicant’s supervisor or else a respected medievalist who knows the applicant’s work. Applications will not be considered on a rolling basis but only within specified periods advertised on the website of the St Andrews Institute of Mediaeval Studies.



Applicants must be studying for a research postgraduate degree (normally PhD) at the University of St Andrews.

Applicants must be resident in the UK.

In accordance with Dinah Coyne’s intentions, and the interests of the Richard III Society, an applicant’s degree must have a complete or substantial focus on art history of the period c.1350-c.1500. ‘Art’ as used here is not necessarily the same as ‘material culture’. Anyone requiring advice on the eligibility of their research will be encouraged to ask Julian Luxford (School of Art History) about it before completing an application form.

Financial circumstances will be considered in relation to applications.


Requirements of successful applicants

By accepting a Bursary, an applicant agrees to acknowledge support from the Richard III Society-Dinah Coyne Bursary in their thesis and any publication directly deriving from it.

Recipients of the Bursary will be required to write a short report (at least 1,000 words) on the use made of the Bursary for publication in the Richard III Society magazine, The Ricardian Bulletin (or, if appropriate, produce an article for publication in The Ricardian journal).


The application period for 2023 is 1 November – 15 December.

Queries should be directed to under the Director of SAIMS, Prof. Margaret Connolly ([email protected]), or Prof. Julian Luxford ([email protected]).

Applicants are advised that no member of staff will be involved in assessing the application of anyone he/she/they are currently supervising.

Submitted applications are considered final and resubmissions cannot be accepted.


The Richard III Society – Dinah Coyne Bursary
for postgraduate study of late medieval art

Application form


Applicant’s name:


Username and student number:


Title of thesis/dissertation:


Degree, and year of study:


Explain the relationship of late medieval art to your thesis (max. 300 words):


Amount sought:


Financial case for application (max. 200 words):













On completion, please submit this form to Margaret Connolly ([email protected])
and Julian Luxford (
[email protected]).