Postgraduate Seminars

All sessions will be held on Wednesday sat 5.15 pm in the New Seminar Room in St John’s House and on Microsoft Teams. Rooms open at 5.15 pm (GMT), papers start at 5.30.


Wednesday October 6th: Hailey O’Harrow   ‘Armed Against Fear: Armour as an Emotional Function in the 12th Century’.


Week 5, 13 Oct: Lili Lintott Scott                   Reduced to Tears – (Some of) the Methodological Problems of Understanding the Emotions of Kings, 1066-1307


Week 6, 20 Oct:                                               Independent Learning Week: break


Week 7, 27 Oct: Guy Fassler                          “Sozo traditore, non ci fareno vilania”: Making Friends and Making Enemies in Late Medieval Bologna


Week 7, 29 October:                                        Halloween Event (Details TBA)


Week 8, 3 Nov: Sarah Gregory                       TBA


Week 9, 10 Nov: Claudia Rosillo                    Warfare in Early Medieval Ireland


Week 10, 17 Nov: Cameron Houston           Folcuin of St-Bertin and the Origins of the Catulary in West Francia/France


Week 11, 25 Nov: Áron Kecskes                     The Norman World. The Use of a Concept


Week 12, 1 Dec:                                              Revision Week: Christmas Event (Details TBA)





Click here to see our postgraduate seminar schedule for 2020-21.