Postgraduate Seminars

Martinmas Semester 2019/2020

All sessions on a Wednesday at 5.15 pm in the New Seminar Room, unless otherwise indicated.

January 29th: Dana Weaver – History and Illuminatin: Cambridge Corpus Christi College MS66

February 5th: Laura Castro Royo  – Monsters and Saviours: A Comparative Analysis of the Depiction of the Dragon in Chinese and Persian Painting

February 12th: Sarah White – ‘The Wills of Medieval England, c. 1066-1300: An Overview’

February 19th: Sarah Gregory – Transvestism on Trial in the Later Middle Ages

February 26th: Will Eves – The So-Called ‘Tres ancien coutumier’ of Normandy , Revisited

March 4th: Aron Kecskes – Reconsidering Lordship in Beneventano, 1085-1127

March 11th: Kosuke Nakada – Networks and Exchanges Across the Armenian-Byzantine Frontier in the Tenth Century

April 1st: Jiazhu Hu – The Medieval Cinque Ports and Leadership Representation

April 8th: Daniel Armstrong – The Papacy, Lanfranc and Ireland: The Core, the Semi Periphery, and the Periphery

April 15th: Cyril Achcar – TBC

April 22nd: David De Concilio – Law  on the Move. Anglo-Norman Scholars and the Transmission of Legal Texts in Twelfth-Century Europe