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Semester 2 (Bullough Fellow 2018-19) Dr. Cullen Chandler 

Dr. Cullen Chandler has been appointed the Donald Bullough Fellow and will visit St Andrews for the second semester of the 2018-2019 year. While here, Dr. Chandler will be working on his research project, “Early Medieval Food and Culture.”

Originally from Texas, Chandler is an associate professor at Lycoming College,in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, responsible for teaching various aspects of the history of Western Civilization. He has also harnessed the power of current information technology in his courses, especially exploring the nature of Wikipedia, arguably the first option for those exploring new topics. He teamed with a colleague in Lycoming’s Snowden Library to publish the results of an early foray into this exciting area of learning and study: Cullen J. Chandler and Alison S. Gregory “Sleeping with the Enemy: Wikipedia in the College Classroom,” The History Teacher 43 (2010), 247-257.

Ultimately, Chandler plans to produce a book manuscript on the subject of early medieval European food history with an emphasis on Charlemagne’s empire during the eighth and ninth centuries. There is a considerable body of modern work on medieval food, but most historians have concentrated on later developments, especially in the fifteenth century, because the nature of surviving evidence makes it easier to study. Chandler’s goal is to offer a study that touches on economics, religion, and everyday life that both specialists and newcomers to the field will appreciate.


“Barcelona, BC 569, Dhuoda’s Liber manualis, and lay culture in the Carolingian Spanish March,” Early Medieval Europe 18 (2010): 265-291. “Regna et regnum: Studies of regions within the Carolingian Empire,” The Heroic Age 12 (2009) [http://www.heroicage.org/issues/12/chandler.php.]. “Land and Social Networks in the Carolingian Spanish March,” Studies in Medieval and Renaissance History, third series, 6 (2009): 1-33.

Cullen has also co-edited a book, Discovery and Distinction in the Early Middle Ages Studies in Honour of John J. Contreni.

We look forward to having Dr. Chandler here at St Andrews!

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