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Medieval Studies Seminar Series 2023-2024

All in person in Parliament Hall South Street Mondays at 5.15pm

 except * Thursdays Old Class Library at 5.30pm

Semester 2

Week 2 22 January Dr Mirela Ivanova (Sheffield)
Inventing Slavonic: Cultures of Writing between Rome and Constantinople

Week 3 29 January Dr Philip Slavin (Stirling) Old Class Library Joint with MEH
A Global Disease in a De-Globalising World: Plague Pandemics in Afro-Eurasia, c.1338-1520

Week 4 5 February Dr Jamie Wood (Lincoln)
Lost Texts and Careless Readers in Visigothic Iberia

Week 5 12 February Professor Leah Tether (Bristol)
From Chrétien to Chronicles: The Compilation of Romance and Historiography in Manuscripts

Week 6 19 February Dr Sam Leggett (Edinburgh)
The Norse and the North Atlantic: fishing and migration in early medieval Scotland

Week 6* 22 February Dr Neil McGuigan (St Andrews) Joint ISHR
Scottish Kings and the Old English Past

26 February Vacation

Week 7 4 March SAIMS Annual Lecture Professor Walter Pohl (Vienna)
Where Rome really fell: the lands along the Danube in the fourth to seventh centuries

Week 8 11 March Dr Conor O’Brien (Oxford)
The Rise of Christian Kingship and the De-secularisation of the Latin West

Week 9 18 March Professor Nora Berend (Cambridge)
The wondrous life of a medieval crown: The Holy Crown of Hungary

Week 10 25 March Professor Holger Zellentin (Tübingen) Joint with ILCR
Jesus’ Confirmation of the Torah in Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Week 11 1 April Professor Jennifer Jahner (Caltech)
Sir John Fortescue and the Making of Legal Science

Week 12* 11 April Kate Ash-Irisarri (University of Edinburgh) Joint with IHSR