Medieval Studies Seminar, Semester 2, 2020
All seminars will take place in The Old Class Library, South Street at 5:15 pm unless otherwise indicated.

27/01/20 Clive Burgess (St Andrews) ‘Richard Whittington, thrive mayor of London: Patterns for merchant piety in early fifteenth century London’
3/02/20 Stephen Harrison

‘Forgotten Vikings? Women and Landnám in Britain and Ireland


10/02/20 Alixe Bovey ‘Exchanges of letters, rings, vows, and blows: A Pictorial King Horn in the margins of a law book?’
17/02/20 Stephen Penn (Stirling) ‘What John Wyclif didn’t say about the Sacrament of Marriage’

Niels Gaul

Parliament Hall

CANCELLED DUE TO STRIKE ACTION: Annual lecture of the Centre for Anatolian and ‘Byzantium and Scotland’ 

02/03/20 Rory Naismith ‘Gilds, States and Societies in Early Medieval England and Francia’

Glaire Anderson

1:15 PM Lunchtime

‘Manufacturing the Heavens: A 9th Century Polymath and Early Astronomical Instruments from Islamic Iberia’
30/03/20 Ralph Moffat ‘The Curious Case of Earl Archibald & the Missing Testicle’

Máire ní Mhaonaigh

Parliament Hall

13/04/20 Giacomo Vignodelli ‘The fiscal patrimony of the Kingdom of Italy (IX-XI centuries): a return to the study of the economic bases of early medieval kingdoms’
 20/04/20 Julie Dresvina ‘Why are there no women in the Orthodox Christian mysticism?’
27/04/20 Naomi Standen ‘Taking China out of pre-modern global history: sites, networks, substrates’