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Margaret Connolly and Rachel Hart speak at Scottish Medievalists Conference

Dr Margaret Connolly and Mrs Rachel Hart spoke by invitation to the Scottish Medievalists at the 61st Conference of the Society for Scottish Medieval and Renaissance Studies. This Conference was held in Cumbernauld, 6th – 7th January 2018, about their ongoing research on the late medieval Scottish notary, Robert Ewyn.

Their paper, ‘A late medieval book and its covers: the Marchmont manuscript of Regiam Maiestatem and its scribe(s)’, focused not just on the named scribe who copied the celebrated legal text, but also on the two named notaries who prepared the documents that were recycled to furnish the book with its covers.

StAUL Regiam Maiestatem (MS39000) after conservation treatment. Copyright E. Fraser.

The manuscript, of great importance for the foundation of Scottish law, is pictured (right). Their paper was presented in a session on ‘Law and governance’, and brought out lively discussion.