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Medieval Studies Seminar Series 2022-2023

Semester 2

All in person in Old Class Library or Parliament Hall and online on TEAMS at 5.15pm

Week 1 – Thursday 19 January
Dr Coralie Mills (St Andrews) TEAMS Only

Joint with ISHR and Archaeology Society
The precise power of the rings: Dendrochronological insights into the last millennium in Scotland

Week 2 – 23 Monday January
Dr Martha Baldon (St Andrews) Old Class Library

The Illusory World of the Grail: Sensing the self in the Queste del Saint Graal and Thomas Malory’s Tale of the Sankgreal

Week 3 – Monday 30 January
Dr Arietta Papaconstantinou (Reading) Old Class Library

Joint with ILCR
Negotiating eternity: monks, aristocrats, and phantoms

Week 4 – Monday 6 February
Professor Kathryn Smith (NYU) TEAMS

Calamity and Creativity: The Painted Histories of the Welles-Ros Bible (Paris BnF MS fr. 1)

Week 5 – Monday 13 February
Dr Roberta Cimino (St Andrews) Parliament Hall

Empress Ermengard and the Transformation of Carolingian Queenship

Week 6 – Monday 20 February
Dr Kathryn Lowe (Glasgow) Old Class Library

Continuing traditions: Old English after the Conquest in documentary contexts

Week 7Monday 6 March
Dr Danica Summerlin (Sheffield) Old Class Library

Papal councils and the practice of government in the twelfth century

Week 8 – Monday 13 March
Dr Sophie Ambler (Lancaster) Parliament Hall

English crown investigations of civil war combatants in the late thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries

Week 9 – Monday 20 March
Professor Nora Berend (Cambridge) Parliament Hall

The Wondrous life of a medieval crown: ‘The Holy Crown of Hungary’

Week 9 – Thursday 23 March
Dr Bryony Coombs (Edinburgh) Old Class Library

Joint with ISHR and Centre for French History
Scottishness in the Margins: Visualising Scottish National Identity in French Manuscripts 1420-1540

Week 10 – Monday 27 March
Professor Elaine Treharne (Stanford) Parliament Hall

Annual SAIMS Lecture
Scribes, Scribal Practices, and Writing Environments in Britain 1150-1250

Week 11 – Monday 3 April
Professor Gérard Chouin (William & Mary)
Medieval Ife and the World it made (Southwestern Nigeria, 10th-15th c.)

Week 11 – Thursday 6 April
Dr Jo Tucker (Glasgow) Old Class Library

Joint with ISHR
Scribal autonomy in multi-scribe manuscripts: the example of the Chronicle of Melrose Abbey

Week 13 – Monday 17 April – Lawson Room, Kennedy Hall (School of English) (hybrid)
Professor Yoko Iyeiri (Kyoto University)
George Jack Memorial Lecture
Jack’s Law and the History of English Negation