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5th Annual Late Medieval France and Burgundy Seminar

The annual seminar on late medieval France and Burgundy will be held in St Andrews this year. This, the 5th Annual seminar, will be held on the 1st and 2nd of December in the Old Class Library. Speakers will include our own Dr Agnès Bos; Dr Emily Guerry (University of Kent); Professor Lindy Grant (University of Reading); Dr Rémy Ambühl (University of Southampton); and Dr Emma Campbell (University of Warwick). See the full line-up here: LMFB_Poster2017. To register, please email […]

Alex Woolf on BBC Radio 4

Alex Woolf (Senior Lecturer, University of St Andrews) appeared on BBC Radio 4’s In Our Time on the 9th of November. He discussed the Picts alongside Katherine Forsyth (Reader in the Department of Celtic and Gaelic, University of Glasgow) and Gordon Noble (Reader in Archaeology, University of Aberdeen).   Give it a listen on the BBC Radio 4 website, or on iTunes, where it is currently the most popular episode of the In Our Time podcast.

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Palaeography Day Trip to Aberdeen

Margaret Connolly and Rachel Hart took MLitt students in Medieval Studies and Medieval History to Aberdeen on Monday 24 April to see 15th– century manuscripts in the University Library’s Special Collections. These included copies of saint’ lives, sermons, devotional prose, medical texts, and classical commentaries, and the manuscripts varied in size from a massive copy of John Trevisa’s translation of the Polychronicon to a tiny palm-sized book of hours. We also saw original medieval records at the Aberdeen Burgh Records […]

Publication! Ottonian Queenship by Simon MacLean

Simon MacLean’s new publication Ottonian Queenship has just been released by Oxford University Press. From the website: This is the first major study in English of the queens of the Ottonian dynasty (919-1024). The Ottonians were a family from Saxony who are often regarded as the founders of the medieval German kingdom. They were the most successful of all the dynasties to emerge from the wreckage of the pan-European Carolingian Empire after it disintegrated in 888, ruling as kings and emperors in Germany […]

Lectura Dantis Andreapolitana 25th meeting – Friday 21 April 2017

Friday 21 April 2017, Parliament Hall, South Street, St Andrews Dancing theologians; Franciscans and Dominicans; the wisdom of Solomon; a celestial light show; the heavens of the Sun and Mars: Paradiso cantos 11-14. The twenty-fifth meeting of the LDA continues the series with a day of lectures on the next three cantos of Dante’sParadiso, again bringing leading Dante Scholars to St Andrews. Dante’s journey continues through the heavens of the Sun and Mars, where he is told about the founders […]